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by Marc Douglas Berardo

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It's the summer of vodka, It's the season of fear I've got nothing left to say that anybody needs to hear you want to be my girlfriend, well that gets pretty dark I'm a broken down roller coaster in an empty amusement park Chorus So come up behind me, and then go around don't wait for me, I'm only gonna slow you down There are tourist out on Water Street and they spill into the bars they spill their drinks on me dancing under the stars I keep a room in the back, where I go to be alone I turn off my head and I don't answer the phone Chorus You want to laugh, I'll keep you up all night But don't expect me to remember what happened come the morning light When I see you again, tell me what did we do and I'll tell you if any part of your story rings true Chorus it's a long ride and I want you to make it to town but don't wait for me, I'm only going to slow you down.
(1) People keep asking if I’m Ok I guess that’s just what good friends say When you up and fade away and disappear (2) But I didn’t mean to upset anyone I was just killing time and avoiding the sun until I ran out of room to run and found myself right here Chorus Living with all of the things I’ve done wrong Living with all the things I’ve done right sorting out what happened in the night Sorting out what happened in the night (D) (3) In my town they call me MDB In the seaside bars I drink for free Mostly they just let me be around (4) Down the river into the compound I go looking for a little solid ground But my dark thoughts follow me down-no matter where you are you are BRIDGE (am) When I started to doubt (em) (F) what it was I was all about (c ) (am) I took a little vacation and only came out at night (d) (em) but the truth is you can’t run (f) (c ) the truth is you cant hide (d) (em) the truth is you can’t keep it all inside (f) (c) (am) (em) now I am waking up with two cats in the yard (f) (c ) (am ) (em) no matter how you try to avoid the morning (d) it will find you wherever you are and you will have to be:
You are not broken Your wings are not clipped It is just a temporary melancholy into to which you have slipped Maybe it didn’t work out But you got to love just the same But it is time to put that memory behind a picture frame Chorus Pack up your bag Close the drawer You don’t have to dance around each other anymore Something’s not right and You can’t fix it all tonight But there are some feelings here that you can’t ignore Like how before you even walk out that door You are already gone Put the wind at your back and ride this one out You have come too far to give up now Everything you need you can carry through the door Don’t even stop to think about what you are leaving for They’ll be No more empty promises, no more keeping score No more dodging bullets in this dirty little war Give yourself as break let your heart just rest And bandage up the places that you’ve bled And listen to the voice in your head Telling you you’re already gone Bridge Gather all your thoughts and gather your things Gather your strength and leave the key Scars and Wisdom They are earned and then owned Something you carry from everyplace you have roamed You are made of whalebone and getting stronger everyday Just take what you need and be on your way You are tough as stone and you can be alone So here you stand at the dimming of the day And there is nothing left that anyone can say You are already gone
I came to This sun soaked place to stay At least until this feeling goes away 13 nights and 14 days Holed up in this hotel by the bay My friends have told me just to let it go You will never miss the memories that you will never know My man, Luis pours another into his tallest glass And the ice melts and slides into he past CHORUS At night I dream the color of these waters green and Blue And in those dreams I am floating silently with you In the morning I can clearly see your face But by the time the sun begins to fade I have lost every little trace Another sad case in this hotel on the bay (another day laid to waste in this hotel on the bay) Soy un sonador Another Gaucho with the fading eyes Under these Caribbean skies Killing time before I search the quiet night But soon I will have to cowboy up and get a grip And put an end to this self inflicted and lonely trip And Luis will pour one more to send me on my way One more glowing moment at the dimming of the day
I have made mistakes I have made them all If I couldn’t run from trouble then I would crawl when it came to mistakes I made them all I had love in my life but I let it slip away Leaving me to wonder at the end of the day I built it up just to watch it fall I had love in my life after all Chorus When faced with a choice I often chose wrong But even those bad choices moved me along So I cannot regret what I’ve learned from my mistakes I have let words fly from an angry mouth Held back forgiveness and given into doubt Then I slipped into silence When I needed to shout I have tripped and fallen so many times I’ve got busies all over this heart of mine But its lead me here, straight to you As if I knew, as if I knew.. BR We have both been here so broken down cracked wide open where love is found The beating of our hearts fell right in time Tapping out a rhythm that only the broken can find So if this is the path that led me to you I will bless each missed turned and every sky that wasn’t blue And I will pray that I will learn from my mistakes Yes I will pray that I learned from my mistakes
How long can you run trying to outrace the setting sun? How long can you roll before you have to pay the toll? Chorus The body breaks and is slow to respond The mind is half full and then its half gone The hair on your head turns to gray With every passing day, little by little every passing day Time is a currency you can’t save crashing on the beach like so many waves The body is a shell of wires and bones slowly broken up by sticks and stones Chorus each moment comes and then its gone Out into the great beyond The hair on your head turns to gray With every passing day, little by little every passing day Bridge The Pranksters say “nothing last/ everything now will surely be past” Bobby says “you better get busy being born” Dinah says “Blow your horn” 2x Everything that matters maters now, everything is changing The moon is jumping over the cow Twenty four hours on the clock Somewhere in the cradle the baby will rock2x Chorus Mother and child in a beautiful bond The child grows up and then is gone The hair on your head turns to gray With every passing day, little by little every passing day
My Friend 03:27
A1A, rented car radio playing that song Over the bridge into the old city I can almost hear you singing along Spanish rice salted tequila looking down on St George Street there are ghost here on every corner I can see them from my barroom window street CHORUS My Friend wish you were here with me again My Friend Now I’m not one for looking back God knows I am trying to move ahead But something ancient in the wind led me here And whispered words unsaid I’m aware how very cliché songs about old love can be but I would sing about anything To have you here with me CHORUS Bridge It’s the people in your life and all the places that you’ve seen That put your life up on that movie screen There is a river laid out before you and you must be moving on Just remember to look back before its gone My friend you are still shining Like those stars out on the bay My friend we will always have our memories and those will never go away so I’m just going to sit here for a while Maybe sing one with the band Drinks a few more then walk it off Somewhere with you out there on the sand
Our Troubles 04:05
Lately we‘ve been up against a cold and bitter wind Blowing us back on our heels not knowing where to begin Our troubles are real as the day is long And its making us feel like it’s getting harder to carry on Chorus I love you, this is true I don’t want to know what my life will be like living it without you Our troubles they are problems we can face Right now we can work it all out We haven’t always been so kind we have made some mistakes Once or twice we have crossed that line and there are words you can’t take back The battle between us has left us bruised and battered And we have lost sight of the little things that matter Chorus These days I am looking back on the miles we have rolled And the beauty we beheld both fragile and strong The bird is on the wire and getting ready to fly So before it’s too late we have to give this one more try Solo/ bridge We are in this together for worse or for better Through cloudless skies and stormy weather When we said we would ride this road together we knew Our troubles would come; our troubles will go our troubles will come but you need to know Chorus I love you, you pull me through I don’t want to know what my life will be like living it without you Facing our troubles together that is what a real love is about
Travel by airplane, travel by van It’s always been a kind of perfect plan Big stages or the corner of the bar Good songs really do take you far Where’s the whiskey where’s the beer what do I got to do to have some fun around here The whole thing never really gets old/ Man, I still love the road Chorus Let the poor Boy run heading west into the sun I can always sing another one This is what I call fun I have played in every place with neon in the window and a little bit of space If you have something you have to say you have to go out there and blow them away Yes the lonely parts make me blue but this is all I really know how to do make a good noise all night long Chasing down another song I’m always up for another show so I’m checking out of here it’s time to go Dallas TX, Portland, ME Blowing through town like a hurricane Me I I love the little rooms when you come in tired running on fumes But the audience there will get you high You will never want to say goodbye BRIDGE Out here on the borderline is where I catch up with these friends of mine Its good to see them from time to time/ I love these friends of mine You are up and out by noon The tour always ends too soon But the truth is when I’m alone my idea of fun is going home Let the poor Boy run heading west into the sun I can always sing another one/ This is what I call fun After he show its hard to put it down so pass that guitar ‘round sing me the pretty one This is what I call fun
Lightning 05:04
1966 the world was just waking up and coming to In San Francisco the beatles played candlestick and everything was feeling brand new The Beat Poets had all but left North Beach And the scene had moved to the park In the middle of all that my man lightning lit up the dark He was born Charlie McCristy in an east coast suburban town He was a country club kid with a silver spoon playing on fresh cut ground All the teachers called him brilliant All the girls they loved his face But he didn’t feel the love inside so first chance he got he lit up out of that place Chorus Like Lightning/ Flashing off and on then he was gone He took a scholarship to san Franciso State And had all the promise in the world But soon he discover Carousel ballroom shows, pills and free love girls It didn’t take long to change him and he stopped going to class A few hits of Owsley will do that to you A few hits of Owsley will put you on your ass Yeah his hippie friends called him lightning that suited him just fine His mind was always moving fast and working moving overtime He had ideas for space phone and personal arithmetic machines But the drugs kept the genius bottled up and they remained just dreams Chorus He could not bottle Lightning/ Flashing off and on then he was gone BR They were throwing around the I-Ching They were dancing round the fire it would be hard to find a place on earth that was getting any higher LSD, Mescalito Lightning passed that acid test But there were times when he couldn’t feel the love inside and it left him disillusioned and depressed The sixties turned into the 70s and Lightning drifted further west To a beach shack in Lahina but by then he was just a mess The dope was replaced by hard liquor and an anger inside The free love dream was over to him the free love dream was a lie He drowned one night in Kauia drunk on stolen cheapo champagne His Hawaiian friends at his funeral didn’t even know his real name Just a thumb nail sketch of Lightning he came and then he went one second you are here and then you disappear your soul lost in the firmament
It's Love 04:52
A shaft of light on the bedroom wall gives me hope A breeze through open windows on this early summer morning helps me cope I have ridden your back roads and waltz across your floor I have stood at your bar until I could not stand anymore Now I can hear the fog horn blowing outside my front door And I know it's love, love is all that I am living for Now I am hanging on by a thinning , frayed thread Lately things are slipping away from me and I have been living inside my head My boat is taking on water and it is slowly sinking down believe me, right now I am thankful that what is left of this boat is still around I see you waving and calling me back to shore right now love, Love is all I am living for. Now I am easily distracted and my moods come and go like the tide I thought the character I’d invented was perfect but there were flaws that I could not hide I try to leave everyone laughing and singing and feeling alive but the truth is when the music stops I don’t always feel good inside When I ran out of what I thought I needed I just went looking for more But now it is love, love that I am living for --------------------- So if I am to start again, I am to get back home I will have to loose this crutch and roll away the stone No more empty, no more lies Just the love love love in your eyes…. All that matters, all that survives Is the love love love in your eyes The past is gone and I don’t know what the future holds in store So right now, love is all I am living for
1/ The wind is blowing hard today, storm warning on the way Standing high on the watch hill lane, waiting for the rain I was thinking about summer’s past, it’s been too long since I’ve seen you last And the wind moves swiftly here and time moves fast Some people bounce in and out of your life, like a moth to a front porch light But I know when the four winds blow I’m taking you with me wherever I go 2/ When we met you had the troubles mind and me, I was drifting over the center line What we needed from each other was hard to define but we could always sing so we worked our way through heavy rain, through our collective joy and pain we had a connection that was hard to explain to others and we knew it could not last and the love between us now, transcends the sacred cow that says the heart should not allow this kind of love in your life so I will look for you in songs and stars, smoke signals from wherever you are to tell me no matter how long or how far you are with me Wherever I go 3/you got wicked wind, bending knee, land separated by vast degree a thousand miles between you and me until I see your face again until then I wish you: quiet shores, following seas, long may you run in the calmest breeze and if life here holds any guarantees, I know I’m taking you with me Wherever I Go
Another Song 04:08
For every golden moment I have ever had there were just as many that were just as sad For every beautiful thing I have held in my hand I have let another slip through my fingers like sand But there was always something to call me back from every time my train jumped the tracks something carried me back to where I belong and helped me sing another song I sing: La la la la la…la la… I have spent so much of my life riding the borderline that was dividing the self inflicted damage that I have done from the person that I could become I have been told that to fight the breakers of the churning sea is the very best of what you are and what you can be not the frightened one who turns to run With his back turned to the sun who sings: La , al la la la la la la la la la la BRidge But there is no need for you to feel down today you are now standing on solid ground today and life my friend is just a cabaret And before the show ends you still have another song to play So winter passes and spring arrives and from the nest the little baby flies and starts anew into the friendly skies Arise arise….


Rhode Island based Marc Douglas Berardo is a hardworking, fast moving, adventure seeking, keen observer who lives for the story and the song. He has been nationally recognized for his music and performances (Rocky Mountain Folks Fest Song contest, Telluride Troubadour Contest, Sisters Folk Festival, 2013 RamsHead Onstage Rammie for Show of the Year, 2013 DJ Pick Top Ten for the Year on THE VILLAGE ). He has a gift for powerful lyrics, haunting melodies and polished story telling. His music is classic and timeless.

An engaging and popular performer, Berardo has shared the stage with a variety of the best in acoustic, folk and rock music including: Livingston Taylor, The Doobie Brothers, John Haitt, Cliff Eberhardt, Peter Rowan, Guy Clark, Vassar Clements, Ralph Stanley, blues legend Chris Smither, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members The Buffalo Springfield, Brooks Williams, Norman Blake (Oh Brother Soundtrack), NRBQ, Steve Forbert, Mustard's Retreat, Eric Anderson, The New Riders of the Purple Sage, Ruthie Foster, Red Molly, Garnet Rogers, Greg Trooper, Kate Taylor, The Pousette-Dart Band, Amy Speace, Cheryl Wheeler and The Kennedy's among others.
As a sometime member of The DesBerardo Band with his brother Chris, Marc has been a part of shows with classic rock acts including Little Feat, The Marshall Tucker Band, Levon Helm, David Allen Coe, America and others.

Berardo's highly anticipated 2013 release Whalebone was produced by Brother Chris Berardo (Chris Berardo and The DesBerardos) and includes guest appearances by Jon Pousette Dart (Pousette-Dart Band), Abbie Gardner (RED MOLLY), Lincoln Schleifer (Donald Fagen, Rosanne Cash, Richard Shindell), Craig Akin (Hands Off My Sister) among others.

When not playing his songs all over the place, MDB lives in a heavily secluded and fortified compound on a river near the ocean in Westerly, RI.

"Whalebone is a confirmation of a true talent and an amazing artist."-Remo Ricaldone, The Long Journey Magazine, Italy.

"Marc Douglas Berardo's newest CD WHALEBONE, will surely turn new fans on to his music. Berardo's songs are musical narratives with the feel of acoustic Springsteen and Tom Waits, with Buffet-eque subjects. You will want to own this one."-The Roots Report, Motive Magazine.

“Whalebone is a highly polished personal collection in the tradition of many clever songwriters of the past that forged songs like short stories. These songs are on the delicate trapeze of poignancy with suave rhythms, cool as an icy summer drink back-up vocals, lots of presence and personality."-John Apice-No Depression Magazine.

"Berardo's music is like a warm breeze in March when hopes are high for a thaw."-Toledo City Paper.


released September 17, 2013

Produced by Chris Berardo
Basic Tracks Recorded at Mark Dann Recording, NYC
and Mark Dann’s Woodstock Studio Complex, Woodstock, NY. February, March 2013.
Recorded by Mark Dann
Additional Recording:
Circle Sound Studios, Stratford, CT by Dick Neal February, March, April 2013
Mixed By Dick Neal, Chris Berardo and MDB at Circle Sound, CT
Mastered By Mark Dann, NYC, May 2013.
All songs: 2013 Marc Douglas Berardo (ASCAP/Overhead Map Music)
Except: My Mistakes-Abbie Gardner/Marc Douglas Berardo (ASCAP/Gimme Some Ribs Music/ Overheadmap Music)
Silvermine Daydreamin’-Chris Berardo (BMI/Raoul Duke Music)
Photography: Kim Mitchell for Milo Productions: okkimmi@aol.com
Art direction and layout: Chris Brown: CBonline@aol.com
Management: Trespass Music, PO Box 591, Buzzards Bay, MA 02532
Contact Tracey Delfino: Tracey@trespassmusic.org
Booking: Larry Ahern: Larry@trespassmusic.org
Publicity: Michelle Fortier: Michelle@Trespassmusic.org
Contact MDB:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/people/Marc-Douglas-Berardo/812511464
MDB uses all of these music making machines:
Hiscox Cases, Recording King Guitars, L-130 Gibson,Cl-40 Gibson, Kyser capos
California Blonde Amplification, Fishman Matrix Pickups, LRBaggs Para EQ.
Strings by JustStrings.com
Chris Berardo appears courtesy of Greenhaven Music
Dick Neal appears courtesy of Prime Numbers


all rights reserved



Marc Douglas Berardo Westerly, Rhode Island

Marc Douglas Berardo combines songs that mine lessons gleaned from real life situations presence that uses humor and storytelling to lead an audience into an almost spiritual experience. It’s brings to mind James Taylor, Jimmy Buffett, Guy Clark or Steely Dan with a hint of Mark Twain or Hunter S.Thompson. It’s a night of laughter and emotion that gives the audience a renewed sense of possibility. ... more


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